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Some information about BUENOS COIN

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What are the objectives of Buenos?

Buenos is a bespoke cryptocurrency and blockchain, designed for the sole purpose of benefiting the Argentinian people. It does this by improving their economy with an ecosystem of technologies which grant Argentinians completely autonomy over their funds.

What is the High Reward Mining Phase?

The High Reward Mining Phase is a short period of APoW mining, in which the cryptocurrency community can mine Buenos before it is launched on local Argentinian exchange SouthXchange. It is an opporunity for the early community to earn high rewards for mining Buenos on their computers.

What is APoW Mining?

APoW is a special version of Proof of Work mining, in which the blockchain adapts very quickly to varying levels of network hash rate. It is used in Buenos to further stabilize the price, issuance and growth of Buenos by deterring large miners from attacking the network periodically.

Is Buenos backed by Bitcoin?

Yes. 10% of all Buenos mined over time, and 5% of the total volume is backed by bitcoin against Buenos in bid orders, to stabilize its price and promote growth.

What is the Stability Fund?

10% of mined Buenos is stored in a special fund used to support the price of Buenos. This fund scales with the emission of coins in the Buenos ecosystem, through APoW mining.


GO BUY BUENOS – The price of BUEN is getting higher day by day, don´t miss the opportunity before the price goes to the moon!

Instagram: @Buenoscoin

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